The Role of Government

My most basic belief is that each of us knows best how to most efficiently spend the money we earn from our labors. This is true for individuals as well as businesses. Government simply can not and will not spend your income as wisely and as efficiently as you will; therefore, the best thing government can do is avoid taxing our citizens and businesses unnecessarily.

That does not mean government does not have certain responsibilities that serve the needs of the people. Services such as roads, public safety, and education can best be provided for the common good of all.

Likewise, as a humane and caring society, we have a responsibility to those among us that lack the mental and/or physical ability to care for themselves. We must treat them with dignity and compassion. One such example would be the unborn.

I believe that the best way to provide such services is not more taxes but to grow the Virginia economy. By encouraging entrepreneurs, assisting existing businesses to grow and hire more Virginians, and attracting new companies to Virginia, we can create the jobs needed to grow our economy and provide opportunities for Virginians.

I am a strong believer that every proposed law should be put to the following test:

  • Does it solve a problem that cannot be better solved without creating a new law?
  • Does it cost the taxpayers of Virginia more than the value of the problem it is trying to solve?
  • Does it give one individual or group an advantage over other individuals or groups?
  • Does it keep faith with the Virginia and United States constitutions; and, most particularly, the first 10 Amendments that were so eloquently drawn to protect the rights of the people?

I hope this helps you understand my belief in the role government should play in our lives. Below you will find links to bills I have sponsored in past sessions.

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